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To help our residents feel more at home, Richardson House takes pride in providing beautiful home cooked meals freshly prepared on site, every day.

Our catering staff prepare each meal with strict adherence to Food Safety Standards and have achieved an 'A' rating from the NSW Food Authority.

Daily Meal Times

Our meal schedule is as follows:

Breakfast              8:30 am

Morning Tea        10:00 am

Lunch                    12:30 pm

Afternoon Tea      3:00 pm

Dinner                    5:30 pm

Supper from          8:00pm


At Richardson House residents can enjoy a quality meal with all the comforts of home.

Family and Friends are also welcome to come and enjoy a meal with our residents for a small cash fee.  Bookings with our kitchen are appreciated.

Our catering staff are also known to make exceptional efforts for our special days such as "Fantastic Fruit Day" and our Royal Garden Party.  

Richardson House — Menu

At Richardson House our menu is reviewed by a dietician to ensure that Residents receive tasty and nutritious meals. We seek feedback from residents and families via several means: meetings, impromptu feedback and by the use of our suggestion box. If there are special requests, we are more than happy to take these on board with suitable notification.


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