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Our Services







Cleaning Services

At Richardson House we provide a range of services as part of our care program. These services are designed to assist our residents with their daily needs and to make life easier.


Richardson House will launder all clothing and linen in-house. We also provide an ironing service.

To avoid confusion and stress we require all clothing to be labelled soon after a resident is admitted to Richardson House.  These labels are purchased through our office for a fee and are applied by our lovely laundry staff.

Room Cleaning

All rooms are part of a weekly cleaning schedule. All urgent/emergency cleaning issues are managed immediately.





Personal Services

Richardson House provides a range of personal services to make our residents feel more at home.

Hairdressing and Beauty Services

Every fortnight a local hairdresser will visit Richardson House (normally on Mondays). All costs are to be paid directly to the hairdresser and appointments need to be made.


For local outings (such as tours or luncheons), transport is managed by our RAOs (Recreational Activity Officers).

Religious Services

At Richardson House we understand the importance of religion and faith in the lives on our residents. Our local Catholic and Anglican churches organise for regular services to be held here at Richardson House and personal visits are also able to be organised upon request.







Medical Services

At Richardson House we have highly-qualified staff to provide all the necessary care and medical services for our residents. Our Facility Manager and Registered Nurses (RN) oversee our care program.



Medication management is provided by our qualified care staff in conjunction with the Pharmacist and Medical Practitioners.

In the admissions process, our RN completes a comprehensive medical assessment to ensure we cater for all residents' needs.


Medical Appointments

Richardson House is serviced by Health Access which is a not-for-profit organisation that assists with medical practitioner coverage in rural and remote areas.  We have a weekly telehealth clinic as well as being able to access the practitioners on call if needed.  The Health Access Dr also attends the facility every 3 months to undertake a face to face review of all our Residents. 

For out-of-town medical appointments, we ask the family or friends of our residents to manage transport. Alternatively if care staff are required to escort residents out of Barraba, there will be a charge payable to Richardson House. 

Richardson House — Service Policies:


Richardson House welcomes visitors.  Should you need to see one of our residents after 5pm this will need to be arranged prior with our care staff.

After Hours Access: contact care staff on 67821 563 Option 1 for Care Office.





At Richardson House our residents have the opportunity to interact with pets and animals that are brought in by visitors.  We ask that this be discussed with our Staff prior to bringing pets on to site and that all animals remain on a lead while here.

Unfortunately we cannot cater for pets to live on-site permanently.

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